Our Approach

If you’re here, you or someone you love is probably frustrated, tired and in pain.  You’ve gone to primary care physicians, maybe other specialists and rheumatologists, and you are looking for more.

We’re glad you’re here – and we can help.

Every patient has a story – we want to hear yours

We have created a unique, custom approach to care that begins and ends with you – our patient.  Our staff assists us with your evaluation to understand your “story” – experiences, expectations, goals and concerns – so that together we can make the best management decisions for your care. With our Personalized Health Care (PHC) approach, we provide each and every patient a Personal Care Plan (PCP) addressing specific conditions based on YOUR STORY, including:

  • Personal in-depth and on-going patient interviews
  • Complete doctor-overseen, diagnostic programs incorporating on-site X-rays, ultrasound profiles, labs, and multi-biomarker panels (VECTRA -DA).

Utilizing these innovative tools, we assess the severity and activity of your illness so together we can determine medications, therapies, vitamins, supplements, nutrition and exercise recommendations – providing a “whole patient” approach to treatment tailored to your specific needs.

We expect to have your illness under optimal control and so should you!

At each of your visits we will discuss multiple data points to help us drive your disease into remission.  The information we obtain will make treatment decisions transparent and understandable.  We expect you to participate in your care and share your expectations and experiences – tell us YOUR story.

Together, we’re going to get you feeling better so you can do more.


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