(Patient Quotes – Sidebars?)

“I felt cared for and looked after…they create a family environment.” (Julie K.)

The really want to hear from me and treat me like a partner in my care.” (Lori S)

“They don’t just prescribe.  They try to get to what the issue really is.” (Marlene W.)


As a new mother, the last thing on Lori’s mind was Rheumatoid Arthritis. But when her pain and stiffness moved from annoying – to incapacitating – she knew she needed to do something.


“I couldn’t walk or move,” said Lori. “My previous doctor did blood tests but didn’t prescribe medication. I didn’t feel like there was a plan. I didn’t feel like anyone cared.”


Then Lori found Dr. Erin Arnold. Dr. Arnold worked with Lori to determine a custom care plan for her – including medication, diet and supplements.


“Dr. Arnold literally turned my life around. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t change my baby’s diaper,” said Lori. “Now I’m a mom of two – and even back to running marathons”